A Thailand Adventure Part 2…

Here’s part 2 of my trip to Thailand.  If you missed part 1 you should read it here before you read this one! 🙂 Now, for the rest of our trip we stayed in Chiang Mai.  It was really fun to get away with Lo for a few days and relax in Phuket.  And the views of the beach weren’t bad either, but we were ready to explore Chiang Mai and see what Lo’s home for the past 4 months was like! 🙂  So we arrived back in Chiang Mai late Thursday night from Phuket.  And here’s the next part of our Thailand adventure…

Friday morning, we got to play with the kids for a little bit outside in the morning.  The kids at the orphanage are so sweet and are so cute!  We got to do a lot of fun and really cool things in Thailand, but our favorite part of our time there was getting to play with and love on these kiddos.  I wish you could see their little faces because they sure are cute, but you’ll just have to take my word for it!  The big kids always go on a Friday outing and Amanda and I were lucky enough to get to go on both of the Friday outings while we were there.  These outings vary from week to week and it’s just something fun the kids get to do.  It also gets them out from the orphanage for a little bit.  For this Friday outing, we got to go and feed the fish at a local mall.  We got to share in a snack with the kids and then we got to see how excited they were feeding the fish and watching the fish wait for them to drop their food. Imm, who works at the orphanage, made lunch for us, which was really good! Later that afternoon we went to another market–but it was an inside market this time. We had a lot of fun exploring and looking at different things.  After this, we went and got smoothies and went to the grocery store.  It was quite fun to see grocery stores in Thailand–they’re pretty much the same as in the U.S., but there are a couple of interesting food things that we saw!


Friday evening, we went to the movies and saw Fantastic Beats: The Crimes of Grindelwald because it had just came out in theaters! Don’t worry, we made sure to go to the one that was being shown in English and not Thai! 🙂 As we were leaving, Imm was leaving also and so we asked her if she wanted to come along and so we all went to the movies.  We became good friends with Imm over the next week and had a lot of fun hanging out with her!


On Saturday, Amanda and I went to go see the ELEPHANTS!! This was probably our favorite thing we did in Thailand besides hanging out with Lo and the kids! We got picked up around 6:45am and rode outside of the city a little bit to one of the elephant sanctuaries–we were at camp 6. We spent the morning feeding the elephants and getting to pet them and being in awe at how cool of an animal they are! We also got to give them a mud bath and got to go into the river with them and wash off all the mud and play with them in the water. There was also a baby elephant at this camp named Charlie.  He was 4 months old and very cute! While we were there we also got to have some Thai food they made us for lunch which was pretty good–it wasn’t too spicy! 🙂

That evening we played with the kids outside.  We got to help set up a slip n’ slide for them to play with.  Amanda got to run the hose and spray them with water which they loved! We also went on a walk to the nearby campus after we were done playing outside and got to watch the sunset over the mountains!

Sunday,  we went to church before we had to help with Sunday School again.  It was so cool getting to go to church in Chiang Mai and seeing people of all different ethnicities worshipping Jesus! After church we headed back and helped with Sunday School–this time we got to help with the babies. After we went and got Thai massages in the afternoon which was wonderful!

Sunday night, we went into the city for the night market. Now this market was HUGE! And they have it every week! There were multiple streets of different people selling different things and food. We were a little overwhelmed! There was also a whole lot of people there! We got to try a few different Thai foods–some I liked and some I definitely did not! It was a fun night exploring the city of Chiang Mai and seeing their culture.

We got up early again on Monday because Amanda and I were going ziplining up in the mountains! Now it was around 85-90F the whole time we were in Thailand, but once we were up in the mountains it was a lot cooler! It was probably around 60-65F. It was around an hour drive up to the mountains until we got to where we were going. We were in a group with 5 other people and our two instructors. Once we had our gear on we hiked up a little aways to where our first zip-line would be. The  first one we did was the longest one and it was 400m! We had a lot of fun ziplining in the mountains in the jungle.  We ziplined for around 2 hours and then we had a Thai lunch, which was very good, and then we went and saw Mae Kampong Waterfall. We got back to the orphanage around 2pm and we rested and then went outside with the kids and played with them for awhile. It was a little tiring day, but it was a really fun day!


There will be one more post to tell about our last 5 days in Thailand! 🙂

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