Jared + Allie | Wildcat Park Manhattan KS

I can’t believe that Summer is almost already over! I feel like it just started! Any of you feel the same way?! Well the last few weeks I have gotten tot take pictures of quite a few awesome people and I wanted to make sure I got the chance to blog about them.  So first off, is Jared & Allie!

I meet Jared and Allie at their house, so we could take a few pictures of them and their dogs and it was a great way to start off! Just so you know, if you guys have animals, they are always welcome to tag along to your session! 🙂

After we got some pictures with the dogs, we headed out to Wildcat Park to take some pictures and that is where Jared and Allie got engaged and so it was the perfect spot to take pictures!

I had so much fun taking pictures of Jared and Allie! They were such troopers because we took pictures during that week in July when it was in to 100°’s and the humidity was pretty high too! And, I didn’t mention that we applied lots of bug spray and we were still getting bit my bugs! They handled it so well!


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