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2020 has been a crazy year and its made it quite an interesting year to try to plan a wedding and so I thought I’d share with you a company that can help with save the date ideas. They can also help those of you who have had to postpone your wedding with their wedding postponement announcement.

Basic Invite has much more to ofter than just Save the Dates and Wedding Postponements. They also offer free wedding websites, which are completely customizable! You can upload all your wedding details and your guests can easily see everything they need to know about your wedding even if someone is on their phone!

Basic Invite allows couples to print a sample of their invitation so they can see the paper quality and be able to see what it would look like before placing their final order. This is something that could definitely come in handy and is such a great thing their company offers. It’s always exciting seeing something for the first time and this way you can make sure you really love what you get!  They have over 900 different wedding invitation sets and so there’s plenty of options to choose from! Definitely check them out to see all there save the date ideas and so much more!

Check out everything they have to offer here!

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